The fun way to tame asthma is coming soon

Who said managing asthma is boring?

To a child, asthma is a wild beast that can attack, at any time. Thankfully, Floot is an asthma-tamer. It works out what triggers the asthma so your child can take control of it and enjoy life more.
Floot also encourages kids to keep tabs on their breathing by making it fun. This way you can spot a problem before they start to cough or wheeze.

Floot was featured in an Economist documentary on global health innovation.

Asthma is growing global issue

300 million people worldwide suffer from asthma

Asthma is a long-term condition that constricts the airways making it harder to breathe. This major disease can’t be passed on, but it is rising as the planet warms up.

1 in 11 kids have asthma

Children are prone to asthma because they have smaller airways. This makes their condition more dangerous, so the more you know about asthma the safer they’ll be.

75% of people can easily avoid hospital

Here’s the good news – if you use an asthma action plan, you’re four times less likely to end up in hospital.

2 in 3 people ignore their Asthma Action Plan

It’s simple. The more a child knows about asthma, the fewer the symptoms, the less chance there is of an attack.

Know your flow

The app works alongside a whistle that changes pitch depending on air flow which is then converted into a peak flow reading. The readings are gamified to increase engagement. We’ve shown it to kids and they love it.

Track the Triggers

Floot maps every episode and trigger on your child’s home page. It uses this info to build a complete view of their lung health so they can keep asthma at bay and avoid complications.

Drive Data for Doctors

Floot collects advanced analytics at all stages.
You and your clinician or GP can tap into this data to make life going forward as easy and enjoyable as possible for your child.

The serious side of asthma

Asthma can be serious. If not treated properly, it can lead to attacks and even put life at risk. Take the right medicine in the right dose and your child can lead a life without symptoms. Asthma isn’t simple. The causes are complex. What we do know is there are risk factors or ‘triggers’ that bring it on, such as allergens, tobacco smoke, pet hairs and chemical irritants.

Floot came out of playing with problems

Floot is being developed by some of Britain’s top design and clinical teams at HELIX in St Mary’s Hospital in London. By working together, we’ve built a product that is a delight to use. Next step: we’re piloting it with paediatric respirologists at Royal Brompton and St Mary’s Hospitals to see how it works in a live ward.

Keep me posted

We’ll let you know how the trials go as well as any other Floot news and developments.